Action Planning Skills Module

Whether it's sending out an email newsletter, putting together a presentation for senior managers, or working on a special request for a client, many of us have to complete simple projects as part of our day-to-day responsibilities. Whatever the work an individual is required to do in any organization, individuals need to complete simple projects as a part of their day-today activities.

Action planning is an integral part for individuals and organizations in order to function effectively. Our half-day session utilizes experiential learning activities to help managers understand the important role they play in action planning to ensure successful outcomes.

Action planning helps individuals in identifying their objectives, setting objectives which are achievable and measurable, prioritizing the tasks effectively, identifying the steps required to achieve goals and help them to work effectively under pressure. Managers learn how to help a person understand, practice, and manage a skill over time; resulting in more respect and trust between leaders and those they are responsible for developing.

Plan Better. Teach People. Earn Respect.

  • Get people up-to-speed faster on a task or goal
  • Gain consistency and uniformity of processes
  • Experience the joy in teaching and helping people grow
  • Reduce errors and increase team effectiveness

Who can benefit

Action Planning is specifically designed for individuals in a supervisory or management role or anyone looking to improve planning skills in any sized organization.


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