Assessment-Driven Coaching Service

Balancing hopes, desires and an appreciating of the possibilities with a clear-eyed assessment of the limitations: that is the art of choosing. (By Sheena Iyengar). Assessment is an integral part of an organization as it determines, whether or not the goals of the organization are being met. Assessment is important not only to guide the development of individuals in the organizations but also continuously improve performance by evaluating and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses. It helps organizations save time and utilize the resources in the best possible way. The Ken Blanchard Companies’ Assessment-Driven Coaching provides expert support for organizations that use assessments as part of their learning and change management strategies. 

The Service

Assessments provide valuable feedback that highlights strengths and opportunities for professional development. Blanchard Coaching uses a variety of renowned assessments, including our Leader Assessment Profile, the Leader Behavioral Analysis II, Frontline Leadership and a host of other multi-rater 360 tools to support leaders in their growth and learning. However, feedback is the first step in a learning process. Our Assessment-Driven Coaching takes the leader beyond the emotional response to feedback and acts as a catalyst for change. Coaching moves the individual through four stages of change; awareness, behavior change, sustained behavior change and perceived behavior change. At each point, coaching supports the leader by guiding them towards purposeful action, while deepening learning.

Who Will Benefit

Assessment-Driven Coaching is perfect for individuals who want to improve skills and for leaders who want to increase their team building effectiveness. Benefits of Assessment-Driven Coaching include an increased self-awareness that can support personal growth and professional development. Coaching also supports the establishment and improvement of meaningful relationships and encourages people to address opportunities for learning and growth.


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