Challenging Conversations Skills Module

"Communication serves as the foundation of every facet of a business. A lot of times challenges in communicating well create hindrances in the effective functioning of organizations and can result in misunderstandings, thus affecting the overall efficiency of organizations. Communicating well is one of the most challenging aspects of individuals in organizations.

Our half–day Challenging Conversations program guides participants through the five interconnected steps that are critical to having a successful challenging conversation. Using this flexible model, individuals learn how to speak up directly and resolve conflict without alienating the other person, and learn to stay focused, even when triggered by what they are hearing. The result is better conflict resolution and greater confidence in addressing difficult situations at work and home. It helps in the decision making process, in building people’s attitude and provide them with greater confidence in addressing difficult situations at work and home .It allows the managers to know about the grievances of the subordinates and helps the subordinates to know about the policies of the organization and is also instrumental in raising the morale of the employees. "

Address Conflict. Engage. Gain Confidence.

  • Gain skills to initiate challenging conversations that transform difficult emotions into productive energy and build trust
  • Build confidence in delivering difficult messages, giving tough performance feedback, or confronting challenging behavior
  • Increase competence, motivation, and confidence among direct reports for improved employee engagement
  • Resolve performance issues with fewer grievances and disciplinary issues
  • Reduce tension, friction, and employee turnover through effective coaching

Who can benefit

This program benefits anyone who wants to build competence and commitment in preparing for and conducting challenging conversations. It is effective for individual contributors and members of an organization at all levels.

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