Coaching Management System Service

Companies often struggle with the need for leaders and managers to be in tune with the company’s coaching requirements. Moreover, each company is motivated by a unique set of values, attitudes, skills, and goals. Great coaching must be based on a clear understanding of what those factors are. The Blanchard Coaching Management System (CMS) supports your company’s decision makers and coaches in order to develop and deliver coaching at a personal, customized level.

The CMS is a proprietary web application that Blanchard developed to make coaching initiatives more effective and efficient. Without sacrificing confidentiality, the CMS offers you a synopsis of what goes on in your organization, often providing valuable information that your organization will need to create better working environments for your people. It benefits all stakeholders in a coaching engagement and offers one-stop shopping. It is a place to record and track goals, action steps, and milestones, as well as a place for you to schedule coaching sessions and access practical resources.

The CMS provides crucial information to you to that your organization can keep a finger on the pulse of the coaching initiative, and ensures that all coaches are using a consistent approach, methodology, and language. The CMS makes it quick and easy to communicate with your coaches, track announcements, and get immediate feedback. Your organization will also be able to easily track and report on participants, attendance at sessions, as well as their focus areas, objectives, goals, and task completion.


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