Coaching to Support Learning Service

When individuals and organizations are aligned, together they create productive work environments. The Ken Blanchard Companies offers a unique approach to unite these forces and bridge the learning-doing gap. Coaching to Support Learning supports people in taking action on targeted goals and uses real-life scenarios to help them think and act more effectively in jumping over hurdles. Conducted in a confidential environment, this type of coaching provides clarity in applying the training content, removes self-imposed limitations, and leverages your strengths.

Coaching to Support Learning reinforces training and development programs by helping to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired and cultivated. This program provides you with the opportunity for focused, one-on-one discussions about how to apply new concepts and how to internalize these learnings to maximize the benefit for you and your organization.

A minimum of three one-on-one coaching sessions are used as a follow-up to individual training, and these sessions are completed within six weeks of the initial training. The coaching process helps convert training events into a larger, more comprehensive, more sustainable learning process. When requested, Blanchard will also provide additional coaching after the first three sessions.


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