DISCovering Self and Others Program

We are social beings and are constantly interacting with individuals around us. Even in organizations constant interaction is required. Every individual is different and has his/her own way of functioning. This one-day program is structured to help individuals determine their preferred pattern and the inherent strength of their preference as well as the behavioral patterns of others so they can communicate more effectively.

Participants learn how their preference differs from others’ preferences, which may or may not be compatible with their own. With discipline and attention, we help individuals to learn to use their self-awareness and skills to adapt their behavior appropriately in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of any given situation. Participants are provided with skill-building and practice opportunities so they can use these skills to effectively communicate with those they work and interact with. This practical, hands-on workshop develops useful skills that can be readily transferred to the job.

Understand Self. Understand Others. Work Better.

  • Motivate individuals to take responsibility for their own growth
  • Foster individuals who are flexible and adaptable·       
  • Improve communication and relationships
  • Support overall team effectiveness and productivity

Who can benefit

Ideal for project teams and individuals alike, this session is designed to help people work together more effectively by improving their communication skills.


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