DISC Assessment Assessment

In workplace environments, knowing how to interact and work well with others is crucial for organizational success. However, knowing how to work collaboratively with others is not always a simple task. Behavioral change begins with self-knowledge. The DISC assessment identifies patterns of behaviors that can be viewed as a personal strength or an area of opportunity for improvement depending on the situation.

Through DISC, individuals learn to understand themselves and others, equipping them to adapt more appropriate behavior when necessary, foster behavioral change, and communicate with others in ways that support performance and enhance relationships.

Teaming for Achievement

Organizations that invest their energy in fostering teamwork thrive. Discovering Self and Others:

  • Provides focus for personal behavior change that fosters effective interaction with coworkers
  • Reduces conflict with others through self-knowledge and conscious control of behavior
  • Establishes a framework and foundation for adapting and adopting behaviors better suited for achieving goals
  • Reveals individual behavioral preferences and their impact on personal relationships
  • Provides a basis for improving effectiveness in communication, time management, and leadership skills

Who Can Benefit

Increasing awareness of personal pattern behaviors can help advance a collaborative work environment. Individuals in supervisory or management positions and all employees from an organization can benefit from this assessment.


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