Employee Work Passion Assessment

Passionate employees are engaged in the work and are always willing to go the extra mile. They become good organizational citizens perform extremely well and at.times also surpass expectations. Passionate employees are persistent, emotionally positive and are consistent with constructive work intensions and behaviours. Passionate employees work in collaboration, provide innovative ideas to the organization and lead the organization to success. Based on award-winning research, Blanchard’s Employee Work Passion Assessment is designed to measure employee perceptions about twelve organization and job factors and the intentions that result from these perceptions

Benefits to Measuring Employee Work Passion

Employee Work Passion results from an individual’s perception of certain critical job and organizational factors. Their perceptions influence their feelings about their job and organizational environment and these feelings influence their intent to remain with the organization, their intent to perform in their jobs, their intent to exert discretionary effort on behalf of the organization, and their intent to endorse the organization. Understanding an employee’s perceptions, provides an organization with a diverse template for improvement.

The Employee Work Passion Assessment goes beyond typical engagement assessments because it measures both job and organizational commitment as well as cognition, affect, and intentions which lead to the formation of behaviors.

Who Can Benefit

Having a motivated and passionate workforce is essential to organizational success. When combined with consulting, this powerful tool can help organizations gain a deeper understanding of their culture, pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement, and create strategies for deepening competitive advantage.


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