Empowerment Development Gauge and Evaluation Assessment

The relationship between an employee and their boss has a strong influence on employee empowerment and autonomy, and contributes to increased employee initiative for higher job performance. To have positive employee-employer relationships, employees and employers must agree on key responsibilities and close the gap between employee performance and desired expectations.

The Empowerment Development Gauge and Evaluation (EDGE) assessment is designed to facilitate open communication between managers and direct reports about perceptions in the areas that are essential to empowerment.

Empowering Employees

As a stand-alone assessment or in conjunction with the Situational Self Leadership training program or Coaching Services, EDGE will produce several results for participants who seek to create empowering employer-employee relationships:

  • Compare perceptions regarding strengths and weaknesses that influence job outcomes
  • Establish clarity and agreement around key responsibility areas
  • Strengthen the employee-manager relationship by promoting open communication that fosters employee empowerment

Who Can Benefit

Closing the gap between employee performance and desired expectations is essential in creating positive employer-employee relationships and work environments. Individuals in supervisory or management positions and all employees will benefit from this assessment.


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