First-time Manager Overview

A Great Start Makes All the Difference.

Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging and overwhelming career transitions an individual can face.

Research shows that less than 10 percent of managers were prepared for a leadership role. Promoting a high-performer without the proper management skills can have serious consequences for both the individual and the organization.

New managers fail when:

  • They don’t establish goals
  • They don’t communicate expectations
  • They don’t give effective feedback
  • They don’t move from “doer” to “leader"
Based on the most popular book in history for new managers, The New One Minute Manager®, the First-time Manager program was developed specifically for new leaders to acquire the mindset and skill set to achieve success quickly and become a great manager.

The FIRST-TIME MANAGER program focuses on the most important skills:

First-time Manager Program Overview

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