Frontline Leader Assessment Assessment

Leadership is challenging and requires more than just technical skills. Leaders also need to develop additional knowledge and skills that are required for managing teams and leading the organization to success. The Frontline Leader Assessment (FLA), which clients can use as a stand-alone measure or in conjunction with the Situational Leadership training program, is designed to help frontline leaders and supervisors to improve teamwork when needed. They provide the individuals with the required knowledge and skills and develop them into great leaders.

How to Manage Teams for Top-Notch Results

When work environments need extensively complex collaboration between personnel, frontline leaders must make sure that direct reports are enthusiastically willing and able to work together efficaciously. Organizations that invest in teamwork development are more productive. The Frontline Leader Assessment helps:

  • Assess self and manager perceptions of leader effectiveness compared to direct report perceptions, as well as the extent to which frontline leaders engage in behaviors that disengage their people
  • Identify the impact of leader behavior on the people they lead
  • Provide feedback on 10 core frontline leadership skills that drive direct reports’ performance and engagement
  • Establish a baseline for leadership improvement that measures change over time with the use of a pre- and post-comparison
  • Result in an overall assessment of leadership effectiveness complete with a leadership skills development plan 

Who Can Benefit

Knowing how to lead team members is a skill that frontline leaders must possess in order to get desired results and help their organizations flourish. So, this assessment can benefit managers in frontline leadership positions.


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