Giving Feedback Skills Module

Feedback is the most important management tool that is required in organizations to operate well and to keep the employees ‘on the track’. Our half–day Giving Feedback program uses a behavioral approach to teach participants how to deliver four specific types of feedback. Utilizing a situational focus, leaders learn to identify the type of feedback that is most appropriate for the given situation. feedback helps individual clearly understand their role, helps them keep their perfoemance on track, help them manage and make the best use of their time and, thus, enhances their performance. Feedback strongly links to employee satisfaction and performance and keeps the employees energized and motivated. It helps individuals get more involved and identify with the organizations.

Build Relationships. Deliver Feedback. Retain Talent.

  • Know how and when to deliver feedback
  • Create relationships where people are open to hearing your feedback
  • Retain key talent and gain higher organizational productivity
  • Provide feedback that enables others to take responsibility for their own development
  • Increase competence, motivation, confidence and trust among employees

Who can benefit

Giving effective feedback is a critical ingredient in organizational development and for individuals in a supervisory or managerial role. Individual contributors looking to improve their communication skills can also benefit.


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