Goal Setting Skills Module

Goal setting sets the course for a company. Without target objectives, leaders have a hard time conveying the meaning of an organization's activities .Goals contribute to a company’s culture and values Organizational goals also drive department goals, which helps managers and employees establish job and career objectives, they help motivate employees and work groups and also in setting objectives that are necessary for sustainable success This half-day session offers individuals a new take on SMART goals and explores the latest research regarding motivation and goal setting. Individuals get off to the right start by creating goals that are truly SMART so they can focus their energy, sustain motivation, and increase the likelihood of achieving successful outcomes.

Be Smart.  Set Goals.  Get  Results.

  • Understand the link between motivation and goal setting
  • Confidently write SMART goals
  • Develop others through goal setting
  • Improve successful outcomes

Who can benefit

Goal setting is a key step in getting where you are going. Individuals in a supervisory or management role and all employees from an organization can benefit from this program.


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