LAP Essentials Assessment

In the world of increasing expectations and the decreasing resources it is very important for organizations to get involved in proper panning and a careful use of the limited resources available. A leader who can diagnose well is able to identify the changes, prioritize and provide effective ways of looking at the organization. A good leader is able to determine the gaps between current and desired performance and help the organization achieve its goals. LAP Essentials is designed to help managers diagnose the needs of their direct reports and flexibly apply the appropriate leadership style.

Gauging Leadership for Success

Leaders who participate in The SLII Experience and take the LAP discover if they are leading flexibly and effectively in one-to-one situations and act accordingly with leadership development. These leaders gain an edge over the competition. Participants who take the LAP will receive feedback and increase awareness of:

  • Gaps between self-perception and perceptions of those being led
  • Respondents’ satisfaction with the leader and with the organization
  • Strategic recommendations and prescriptions for change and leadership improvement
  • Measurable results of change over time with the use of the post-assessment and organizational composite
  • Increased use and effectiveness of Situational Leadership II throughout the organization

Who Can Benefit

Organizations will thrive when leaders know how to diagnose their employees’ needs and then apply the appropriate leadership styles. Individuals in supervisory and management positions can benefit from this assessment.


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