Leadership Behavior Analysis Assessment

"If you stand in your strength too long then it becomes your weakness."-- Dr. Elias Porter. Change is the new constant and leaders need to constantly adapt and manage the dynamic requirements of the environment. Flexibility is one of the most important characteristic of a good leader. Whether in a negotiation, a battle or within a marketplace, those who have integrated the power of principled-flexibility into their ways of thinking and planning prevail over those who are merely principled or those who are only flexible. The Leader Behavior Analysis II 360° (LBAII 360°) is an assessment designed to gauge leadership effectiveness and styles at all organizational levels, incorporating feedback from managers, peers, direct reports, and oneself.

An assessment that rewards

To create empowered, industrious leaders, organizations must invest in top-notch leadership assessments to help produce long-term results. The LBAII 360° helps:

  • Provide focus for improving core leadership skills
  • Benchmark leadership style effectiveness
  • Deepen the leader’s understanding of Situational Leadership II concepts
  • Identify primary, secondary, and developing leadership styles
  • Close the gap between intentions and actual behavior 

Who Can Benefit

Leaders who know how to be flexible in management positions help give their organizations a powerful, competitive edge. Individuals who are in supervisory or management positions can benefit from this assessment.


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