Leadership Development Strategy Service

Leadership development is not just about developing leaders – it is about creating a culture of performance. There is a relationship between good management and employee commitment. Great leaders attract, hire and inspire great people. Our Leadership Development Programs have helped agencies prepare managers, assistant directors and deputy directors for positions of greater responsibility. Driven by agency needs and shaped by director input, the Leadership Development Program promotes the kind of expansive thinking and personal change needed to move organizations in new directions.

Our leadership development strategies help in increasing organizational and personal effectiveness, teaching that engages and enlightens, expanding professional networks , focusing thinking and boosting confidence among individuals. It helps individuals in increasing their capacity for analyzing situations, making decisions, generating enthusiasm and building commitment. The leadership strategies foster the kind of confidence leaders need to inspire and motivate staff, plan and manage change, and adapt to a continuously changing environment.

Develop Bench Strength

Whether your emerging leaders are internally or externally leading, they need to speak the same language. Blanchard works with your top executives to determine the lexicon of your business strategy and growth initiatives. 

Propel Key Initiatives

Often key initiative champions need to propel their teams forward by communicating goals, shared purpose, and a rallying cry. They need to garner support from throughout the organization to support some kind of change. Inherently key initiative owners are creating new change agents within their organizations. 

Blanchard can support your key initiative leaders by helping them develop leaders who can advance their cause. In fact, every key initiative should have a people development plan. Often that comes in the form of a formalized leadership development plan. 

Activate Change Agents

Leaders effect change. Leadership development strategies help you identify and develop your best leaders to activate change. Support your business initiatives with a people development plan. Blanchard experts can help you create a leadership development strategy that aligns with your key business initiatives and overall business strategy.


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