Leading Virtually Skills Module

Gone are the days of work teams in a geographically-bound area. Employees now work even thousands of miles away from each other. Although traditional principles of leadership carry over even today but the leading teams require certain skills and techniques. Our one-day leadership program recognizes there are lots of challenges to being a great virtual leader and teaches leaders how to overcome these challenges through three specific focus areas of leadership. The disciplines outlined in this program help virtual leaders effectively choose how they interact with direct reports to help create more satisfied and loyal employees and also accelerate the development of organizations.

Focus. Foster Community. Accelerate Development.

  • Gain insights into the challenges of virtual leadership
  • Reinforce leadership skills and their use in a virtual environment
  • Develop action plans for leading virtually back on the job
  • Connect with virtual team members and stay focused on their development

Who can benefit

Leaders and team leads who are faced with effectively leading people in remote locations.


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