The SLII Experience Learning Design

Leveraging client feedback and the best thinking available in the learning development field, The SLII Experience incorporates feedback from countless trainers who have spent millions of hours of classroom time training and showing managers of all levels, across all industries, how Situational Leadership II is an effective skill for improving leadership behaviors.

Flips the Classroom

The SLII Experience flips the classroom design and increases learner participation, engagement, and excitement. Technology is used extensively to engage the learner, who can access leadership training content online before, during, and after the program. The new design offers more flexibility and self-paced elearning whenever possible to accommodate competing time demands we all face, but still provides the deep practice that only comes from experiential classroom work.

Launch, Learn, Practice, and Master

Because learning happens over time, we’ve crafted a four-phase learning process: Launch, Learn, Practice, and Master. Your people can hone new leadership skills in bite-sized learning activities, which leads to greater retention. Learners gain access to content outside the classroom, and the elearning assets in The SLII Experience provide multiple learning resources for downloading and sharing back-on-the-job.

Keep the Journey Fresh

The SLII leadership training curriculum engages learners quickly, offers extensive opportunities to build and practice skills, and provides follow-up support for deploying those skills with existing work teams. Virtual learning, traditional classroom, and blended options offer flexibility for trainers while the interactive design keeps the learning journey fresh for participants. The SLII Experience is a comprehensive learning experience that gives leaders a deeper understanding and mastery of SLII concepts.


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