Learning Plans

When we partner with you, we focus on your business goals, not just skill building. Blanchard designs learning plans that tie directly to relevant roles, projects and tasks. Our programs are research-based and address issues that are common regardless of your organization’s industry, region, or size.

Online Learning Plans

The world runs at an accelerated pace, so we make sure that our designs can be adapted to your timeline and delivered in the format that works best for your people.The face of organizational learning has changed. Increased globalization, more powerful technology, and a focus on lower costs and higher productivity creates greater demand for self-study, online learning, and virtual classrooms.

With more than 30 course modules representing some of the most essential concepts and skills, Blanchard Online Learning provides the flexibility to learn at your convenience. Organizations can choose to adopt the entire curriculum, or choose specific modules that are most pertinent right now—all in the cloud.

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Multinational Learning Plans

We serve a broad range of organizations outside the U.S. and have built a solid track record delivering highly successful learning designs in more than 80 countries. Drawing on traditional and blended models, we customize learning plans that work across cultural, linguistic and geographical barriers.

Tapping local and regional experts from our expansive international network of consulting partners ensures that plans are relevant for a varied audience. This combined with facilitating the material in practical contexts helps participants apply concepts to diverse work situations.

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Blended Learning Plans

Blanchard leads the way with innovative blended learning solutions that build skills anywhere at any time with a mix of training methods that meet different learning needs. A typical course includes a live or virtual launch; online, self-paced learning; a live classroom application session; and either live or Web-based coaching.

Blended learning in leadership training is often used to expand reach when teams are dispersed rather than replace classroom instruction. To create behavioral change, our approach includes a combination of learning components that, when linked, create a unique and lasting learning experience.

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Custom Learning Plans

Many clients require a range of customized solutions, such as incorporating their logo, company terminology, custom case studies, and exercises; combining existing programs; and creating new content. Custom learning plans often use a variety of blended learning methodologies to engage participants and ensure that they apply what they learn back on the job.

A tailored solution maximizes your investment by offering the benefit of proven off-the-shelf material in a manner more personalized and relevant to your people and organization. Our Custom Production team will work with you to create an instructional design that meets your objectives in your timeframe.

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