Listening Skills Module

Today's employees want to be asked for feedback and they want to be heard. A good leader is the one who is able to listen well. Our half–day listening program is based on Five Fundamentals of Proactive Listening and teaches the communication skills needed to build trust through better listening. The presence of active listeners in organizations foster workplace relationships, establish and reinforce a culture of listening, create opportunities for learning, facilitate the conflict resolution process., produce ideas for innovation and improvement, result in fewer complaints and misunderstandings and show a positive increase in the team and department morale. This in turn impacts the entire culture of the organizations and makes them more efficient.

Reduce Stress. Solve Problems. Reap Benefits.

  • Use non-verbal behavior to drive employee engagement
  • Use inquiry, paraphrasing, and summarizing to build trust
  • Understand and overcome common obstacles to effective listening
  • Identify conversation cues that enable insightful listening
  • Engage with questions that encourage deeper understanding

Who can benefit

Who doesn’t want to be a better listener?  Individual contributors and members of an organization at all levels can benefit from this program.


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