Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment

There may be people in teams who never seem to get along together. There may be individuals in an organization who always seem to struggle to communicate with others. All these are detrimental to the growth of any organization and need to be tackled for organizations to be effective. Identifying the individual’s personality types and acknowledging the differences between each other can help the employees or members of the teams work together with harmony.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is an assessment that people can take to understand individual differences and uncover new ways to work and interact with others. It provides helpful feedback to individuals about themselves and also how they are different from others. It helps in conflict management and improves performance.

MBTI: a Powerful Assessment tool

  • Diagnose strengths and blind spots according to personality type
  • Increase work effectiveness by viewing personality differences as complementary, not aggravating
  • Respond to different workplace situations with feedback from the MBTI

Who Can Benefit

Positive work settings will come about when employees possess the ability to work well with their co-workers. Individuals in management positions and all employees can benefit from this assessment.


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