Award-Winning Online Learning

With more than 20 online lessons representing some of the most essential leadership concepts and skills, Blanchard Online Learning provides the flexibility to learn at your convenience. Organizations can choose to adopt the entire curriculum, or choose specific modules that are the most pertinent right now. Blanchard’s Online Learning delivers learning in the cloud. With more than 20 online lessons representing some of the most essential concepts and skills the online leadership learning enhances learner retention, fits into a managers busy schedule, is cost effective, encourage participation from everyone, can easily reinforce which allows learners to report their progress, encourages accountability and protects your company's investment in learning.
Case Study

Inside an Online Learning Experience

A small California marketing firm needed a succession plan for the existing senior management team, and professional growth plans for middle management.

They had several managers who had been promoted from entry-level positions, and the HR department was concerned with their lack of leadership skills. They needed help with developing a more cohesive work group that focused on company goals instead of operating in departmental silos. Plus, teams needed to work better together in order to serve clients seamlessly.


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