Optimal Motivation Program

The importance of employee motivation cannot be down-played. Ultimately only when the employees are motivated there is an increase in productivity, a decline in turnover, and an improvement in the overall performance. In this interactive, thought-provoking, one-and-a-half-day program, participants explore the Spectrum of Motivation and its six Motivational Outlooks. Drawing on illustrative cases and real-life work goals, tasks, and situations, participants develop new motivational skills that can be used to improve their approach to important day-to-day tasks, their wider role, and their overall work experience. Motivated employees will retain a high level of innovation, will show greater engagement and the motivated teams will produce higher quality work at a higher level of efficiency.

Enhance Creativity. Accelerate Performance.

  • Explore evidence for developing motivation as a skill
  • Understand the range of Motivational Outlooks in the Spectrum of Motivation
  • Learn how self-regulation, autonomy, relatedness, and competence impact a person’s sense of well being, energy, and vitality
  • Increase the likelihood of sustained high performance and the achievement of important goals

Who can benefit

Individuals interested in learning the skill of activating Optimal Motivation to achieve and sustain high performance. Results-oriented managers and executives interested in using Optimal Motivation best practices to gain energy, vitality, and a sense of positive well-being.


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