Servant Leadership Program

The concept of servant leadership is a wonderful way of symbolizing what the manager of today—and of the future—is going to have to be successful. Our servant leadership program’s highly personalized curriculum gives participants an in-depth assessment of their current strengths and weaknesses and presents executives with actionable data and experiences to help participants lead their organization. Servant leadership is important for individuals to get a holistic view of corporations, individuals and communities, and help them decide how to protect and encourage their organizations well-being. It also emphasizes other core values that encourage innovation and the development of leaders.

Assess. Reflect. Lead.

  • Assess your current leadership motivations and behaviors
  • Explore the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of “servant leaders”
  • Understand the leadership requirements for the 21st century
  • Examine struggles and strategies of leaders implementing a people-focused leadership culture
  • Exchange personal experience with peers and develop your next step game plan

Who can benefit

Exclusively for senior executives within the top three levels of their respective organizations. This program is designed for senior executives interested in exploring a new paradigm for leadership in the 21st century that connects their intentions with their behavior.


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