Situational Frontline Leadership Program

Every year thousands of employees are hired or promoted into their first management roles and every year an astounding number of them fail. While strong leaders are invaluable in setting the organization’s vision, strong managers are needed to communicate and operationalize that vision. Frontline managers are the lynchpin to organizational performance and business results, but only if they are provided with the right knowledge and skill sets to do the job.
Our Situational Frontline Leadership program is based on our highly successful Situational Leadership Model and shows frontline managers how to diagnose individual situations and employ core communication skills to partner for performance. We help Identify leadership styles, Identify the key principles to front line leadership, comprehend how the leadership style impacts behaviors, comprehend how generation differences and diversity impact the workplace, discover the concepts of Situational Leadership and its impact on effective leadership development and help in enhancing the leadership potentials of individuals.

Build People. Build Trust. Improve Leadership.

  • Create a common language and approach to leadership that permeates your culture
  • Improve communication and coaching for optimal performance
  • Increase motivation, morale, and retention
  • Partner for performance at each development level
  • Establish a set of skills to use in order to resolve performance problems

Who can benefit

Managers, internal coaches, and Human Resource professionals who need a shared process, language, and model to bridge performance and to achieve expected results can benefit from this program.


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