Situational Leadership II Program

Situational Leadership II is a process for developing people by providing effective leadership, over time, so that they can reach their highest level of performance. It is based upon a relationship between an individual’s development level (various combinations of competence and commitment) on a specific goal or task and the leadership style (various combinations of directive and supportive behavior) that the leader provides.
Situational Leadership II focuses on development level of a person on a specific goal or task and plays an important role in teaching leaders to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person. While Situational Leadership® II is not only a means for developing individuals but is also a valuable model for promoting self-development, for building high performing teams, and for initiating and implementing change at the organizational level.


Emotionally compelling videos, leveraging Hollywood talent, draw learners into character challenges, helping link content to practice and showing them the painful ramifications of not using SLII. Videos model effective peer-to-peer interactions and "match and mismatch" scenarios for multiple managers.


Learners are taken to the edge of their comfort zone and participate in challenging activities that require them to demonstrate their familiarity with SLII content and teach them how to integrate material into their own personal leadership style.


A new 35-minute online learning module enables managers to share what they have learned so everyone on their team is exposed to and can use the language of SLII. It is an unprecedented approach to leadership training that improves the performance of an entire work team.


Access to videos, game cards, conversation starters, and streamlined participant materials include a new 12-module SLII Challenge, SLII Fitness Test, Goals Worksheet, SLII Worksheet, and One on One Worksheet. There is also an SLII Diagnosis Application for smart phones and mobile tablets that enables diagnosis and coaching in real-time.


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