SLII/DISC Bridge Program

Despite individuals having the right skills and experience, not all would have the same management style, people skills and leadership traits. Using self-assessment tools, even with current employees, will help you create a stronger organization. DISCovering self and others helps participants identify and understand their behavior patterns as well as patterns in other people, so that they can communicate more effectively. It helps in strengthening communication skills, building leadership abilities, diffusing interpersonal conflict, choosing attainable goals, boosting performance and productivity, increasing motivation, strengthening workplace skills, constructing strong teams and cultivating productive work or study habits. The DISC Test and DISC Assessment is used around the world, and is blind to gender, race, and age. Most importantly, a DISC Test and DISC Profile provides an impartial, constructive language to discuss the ways that people think, act, and interact.

Gain Awareness. Build Team. Foster Collaboration.

  • Increase awareness of self and others
  • Identify patterns in behaviors and what others need to do their best work
  • Understand others’ motivation
  • Become more “people smart”
  • Increase trust, cooperation, and teamwork

Who will benefit

Ideal for project teams and individuals alike, this program is designed to help people work together more effectively by improving their communication skills.

Building Trust
Disc Assessment

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