SLII/MBTI Bridge Program

The MBTI instrument remains one of the most powerful and useful tools available today to revitalize any organization, no matter the size. With a rich history that goes back to the works of Carl Jung, it is the most widely used personality assessment instrument in business today, and with good reason.

The MBTI instrument helps get to the very core of understanding an organization’s most valuable resource: its people. It can be used effectively in strategic planning, communications, sales, marketing, problem-solving, employee development, and employee relations. It helps builds trust by enhancing communication and listening throughout the organization, improves productivity by breaking down silos and accelerating effective collaboration, facilitates leadership and benefits professional development at all levels, promotes employee engagement and reduces turnover.

Assess Type. Match Style. Apply Skills.

  • Identify ways to modify leadership style according to type and temperament
  • Use concepts for performance evaluation - goal setting and task assignment
  • Set appropriate performance goals and keep peak performers from regressing
  • Employ leadership style and temperament to positively impact employee or team effectiveness
  • Diagnose strengths and blind spots according to personality type 

Who will benefit

Managers and supervisors who are familiar with the concepts of Situational Leadership II and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will benefit. Participants must bring a copy of their MBTI® assessment results to the session. Please visit, (mention discount code AMABRIDGE when prompted) to obtain an MBTI assessment.


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