Strategic and Operational Leadership Service

Strategy and leadership development are integral to each other.  Strategy cannot succeed without people. A strategic leadership helps creates a viable organization that is capable of functioning in all circumstances, that is resilient and, even better, robust in the face of threats and obstacles. Operational leadership provides a stimulating and challenging environment for people to grow, thereby liberating their talents and skills in the accomplishment of organizational goals.

We, at Blanchard help in creating leaders who help form systems to support the values of the organization and its leadership, encourage a culture and behavior patterns that are congruent with these which in turn help organizations to better adapt to the needs of the situation. By considering the foregoing descriptions of tactical, strategic, and operational leadership, individuals can develop a greater understanding their own leadership and also of those around them.

strategy.  operations.  people.

Strategy and leadership development are integral to each other.  Strategy cannot succeed without people. But which type of leadership is most important to success?  Strategic leadership? Or operational leadership? 

Leaders who hold people accountable and ensure effective, productive behaviors in their people can be the most effective influencers and drivers of organizational results. Equally important is a leader’s ability to affect the mood, attitude, and engagement of employees and the culture of the organization overall. This influence is modified by the Leadership-Profit Chain, which illustrates how a specific chain of value is simplistically linked.

Empoyee Passion.  Customer Devotion.

The effective interconnection of strategic leadership, operational leadership, employee passion, and customer devotion is as critical to organizational success as the organization’s supply chain. While The Leadership-Profit Chain is an integral model, there is a beginning, middle, and end to the chain. If there is a lack of integrity at any point in the chain, organizational productivity and profitability may be jeopardized.

what good is strategy if it's never operationalized?

Blanchard helps you operationalize your business strategy by developing a leadership development strategy that supports, accelerates, and inspires your people to action. With Blanchard, you get a people plan that makes your strategy finally understood.   

Partner with Blanchard for your strategic and operational leadership needs.

Strategic Leadership

  • Leading organizational change
  • Creating sustainable value for all stakeholders
  • Analyzing and navigating market ecosystems
  • Designing and building agile companies
  • Business model design and innovation

Operational Leadership

  • Building excellence in innovation
  • Creating customer devotion
  • Executing with speed, quality, and efficiency
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Post-merger integration



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