Team Chartering Skills Module

The most important success factors of high performing teams–either virtual or face-to-face–are alignment on a clear direction, a sense of why the team exists, and understanding how the team will work together. Creating a team charter serves as a map that gets a team off to a great start and keeps the team focused on the end result.  

In this training, program participants will use the chartering process to clarify their purpose and values, develop goals and strategies to accomplish tasks, and create a contract that captures their common understanding. The Team Charter program can be completed in one to two days, or longer depending on the complexity of the team's purpose, and is the most powerful way a team can stay on track.

Clear Charter. Agreed Norms. Team Success.

  • Build a solid foundation for team effectiveness
  • Gain structure and direction for team focus and delivery
  • Accomplish team’s purpose through documentation of agreements
  • Create buy-in and commitment for the end goal
  • Increase communication, trust, and attentiveness

Who can benefit

Team leaders and team members who want to ensure the success of their team’s end goal.


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