Teaming Virtually Skills Module

Technology has enabled more teams to work together virtually, only increasing the need to gain skills and techniques for building and maintaining productive teams without face-to-face contact. Regardless of different time zones, countries, or even just different locations in the same city, team leaders need skills to encourage engagement to team effectively in virtual environments.

This lively and engaging program session incorporates a variety of interactive, table team, and group activities and gives members and leaders of virtual teams a proven process for dealing with the special challenges of trust, attentiveness, and communication, which are especially difficult for virtual teams.

Increase Communication. Build Trust. Team.

  • Explore issues with working on virtual teams
  • Examine unique challenges facing teams in dispersed environments
  • Learn tools and develop action plans to make your virtual team more effective 

Who can benefit

Team leaders and members who face issues building and maintaining productive and effective teams in dispersed environments will greatly benefit from this program.


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