Client Testimonials

We selected Blanchard's because they have a pool of coaches who were willing to learn the Adobe culture and work within our models. We also liked the scale-ability -- their phone-based model allowed implementation on a worldwide basis.
—Melissa Daimler, Adobe
Senior HR and Organizational Development Manager
The Gung Ho! philosophy has really become the way we do things in Allianz Portugal—I think it’s filtered through to people’s personal lives too—that’s got to be good.
—Patricia Brito Moon, Allianz (Portugal)
HR Professional
Allianz (Portugal)
Combined work in small teams encouraged dialogue with one another and added to the fun factor in the training. All things considered, it was an efficient and mainly encouraging event for all, and its success has been reflected in the considerably increased ‘we-spirit’ we wanted.
—Sylvia Peukert, Aral (Germany)
Head of Department Customer Service
Aral (Germany)
The way to give our customers 'service with personality' is if it comes from the heart, and this can only be achieved if people enjoy their work, and feel they are respected and valued. Gung Ho! helped us to achieve that.
—Philip Horn, ASDA
Human Resources Manager
Situational Self Leadership has been a tremendous help in terms of improving quality from an overall results standpoint.
—Dennis Fox, Bandag
Plant Manager
The organization has helped me develop as a person and as an associate. I feel like I have a leader who listens and cares about me personally and professionally.
—Banking Organization Employee
Banking Organization
Our team has really benefitted not from just the training, but from the attention and time put towards enhancing leadership skills.
—Darnetta Clinkscale, Barnes Jewish Hospital
Department Director
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Ken Blanchard is definitely the thought leader in business leadership skills.
—David Griffen, BearingPoint
Director of Learning and Development
It is powerful to see managers commit to their employees that they will use different leadership styles—and to see the employees commit to diagnosing themselves and asking for the leadership they need.
—Beth Kelly Leonard, Biogen Idec
Training Specialist
Biogen Idec
Blanchard truly understood our needs and met our criteria. In addition, the skill and expertise of their consulting partners and trainers was exceptional and effective. And their methodologies were a practical fit for our culture and people.
—Burcu Akar Kuyuku, Borusan Holding
Human Resources Manager and Lean Six Sigma Deployment Champion
Borusan Holding
We love Building High Performing Teams from The Ken Blanchard Companies because this product provides us with a continuity of learning. In addition, it meets the needs of individuals and intact teams.
—Wayne Thies, Butler Manufacturing Company
Corporate Training Manager
Butler Manufacturing Company
We've trained more than 1,000 managers in SLII over the last 15 years. It's a 'must-do' for our managers - a compulsory course on our training management curriculum.
—Philippe Baurant, Caterpillar (Belgium)
HR Specialist
Caterpillar (Belgium)
I’ve seen a lot of leadership models, and I find Situational Leadership II to be the most practical and useful tool that builds truly good leaders.
—Bob Cole, CertainTeed Corporation
Human Resources Director
CertainTeed Corporation
Situational Team Leadership helps me understand how to help stop conflict and how to be a better leader.
—Kevin Matthews, City of Battle Creek, MI
City of Battle Creek Resident
City of Battle Creek, MI
If you look at the objectives of Situational Leadership II, it hit the mark for everything that we were looking for.
—Melanie Cadenhead, Cox Communications
Cox Director of Leadership Development
Cox Communications
The need to protect the world's citizens has rapidly changed. The SLII leadership development program matches that demand.
—Tony Anderman, Washington State Criminal Justice Dept.
Leadership and Development Trainer for the Washington State Criminal Justice Dept.
Criminal Justice Dept. (WA)
The programs and modules we use from Blanchard are very powerful drivers of the values and behaviors we want to reinforce. The assessments in particular really hit home with our people. We’ve been partnering with Blanchard for more than a decade and the content is as relevant today as ever.
—Joselito Rivera, Ericsson
Global Head for Leadership Development
The programs got us all on the same page in regard to speaking the same leadership language. Our people are learning to lead themselves and others. We know how to diagnose each other's development levels and how to appropriately set goals. It's rewarding to see people tap into their sources of power and ask for what they need in terms of leadership style and approach.
—Cheryl Moreno, Express Employment Professionals
Director of Leadership Development
Express Employment Professionals
This Blanchard training has been extremely valuable. I want to pass it along to others. It provides the skills needed to have an impact in the workforce and turns values into behaviors and performance.
—Foodstuffs Auckland Limited Employee
Foodstuffs Auckland Ltd
We knew that true leadership will get us through good times and bad. And, we knew that we had few real leaders.
—Marty Jakosa, Foster Farms
Manager of Organizational Development and HR Manager for Foster Farm's North Complex
Foster Farms
Our organisational culture is fantastic—we just needed to enhance what we already had. I planned to do that by developing a training programme internally, but then I saw the Situational Leadership II package. I realized that we couldn’t develop anything as credible and effective as SLII and instead had GAME’s trainers accredited through Blanchard’s Training for Trainers process.
—Malcolm Knight, GAME (UK)
Head of HR
SSL is a good accountability model and gets people to be responsible.
—Gayle Renneke, Genentech
Director of Learning and Development, Human Resources
Blanchard models engagement and high involvement. You can see it in their culture and in the interactions with their people.
—Anonymous, Government Division (USA)
Division Executive
Government Division (USA)
Employee surveys indicate we’re doing much better. And now, we’re beginning to incorporate a customized Gung Ho! Assessment Tool, as well as a Leader Action Profile, Team Development Stage Analysis, and Raving Fans Index, to more effectively measure where we are and how close we are to getting where we want to be.
—Craig Erickson, Hilti International
Director of Organizational Development
Hilti International
Our store managers have tons to juggle, and SLII has been an important tool in helping our leaders understand and meet their people’s needs.
—Home Improvement Retailer Spokesperson
Home Improvement Retailer
For Kawasaki customers it is all about their passion, their exhilaration of the ride, and their freedom to choose to do it their way. Tapping into that same Optimal Motivation in the work environment is critical to our long-term success.
—Tom L. Porter, Kawasaki Motors Corp.
SPHR, Director, Human Resources and Administration
Kawasaki Motors
The bottom line is, we are becoming more effective in all facets of all our business and we can now see a time when we are all 'walking the talk, not just talking it.'
—Tim Smith, Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon
National Operations Manager
Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon
Creating an environment with strong teams has supported the business results we were trying to achieve. Gung Ho! has a direct link to our success!
—Janet Crawford, Merck & Co. inc.
Senior Business Director North Central Business Group
Merck & Co., Inc.
The journey from Situational Leadership II was personally a journey from independence to team interdependence. Situational Leadership II has opened up a different way of thinking for me.
—Employee, MTN
Training Participant
MTN (Mobile Telephone Networks)
We’ve seen some pretty amazing results from our work with Blanchard. We’ve developed and promoted leaders into new positions, and we’ve increased the commitment internally to leadership development. This is in part a result of our partnership with Blanchard.
—Andrea Lawson, Newell Rubbermaid
Director of Global Learning and Development
Newell Rubbermaid
SLII had all the components we were looking for and needed. It provided a process, a language, and the tools and applications that we needed to develop our supervisors to their full potential.
—Pat Hill, NISC
Chief Learning Officer
SLII is a foundational piece in our leadership curriculum. It allows us to validate that we're moving the needle on leadership behavior. In the past two years, SLII has become the mainstay for developing leaders at Pfizer to diagnose, communicate, and partner for performance more effectively.
—Doug Trainor, Pfizer
Director and Team Leader of the LEAD Department
The Optimal Motivation program helps everyone on the team to shift from a 'carrot and stick' approach to a holistic strategy that engages and aligns the head, the heart, and the hands. Leaders can shift their own thinking so that they themselves can experience the benefits of Optimal Motivation and to help their teams toward even higher levels of performance and job satisfaction.
—Mike Easley, Powder River Energy Corporation
CEO, Powder River Energy Corporation
Powder River Energy Corporation
Now our managers take care of the day-to-day running of the business and I have more time to think about the future and more time for myself and my family!
—Managing Director, Revoil Aveeii
Board of Revoil
Blanchard clearly understood our business and where we needed to go, and were able to articulate that vision and the process for getting us there.
—Mark Deterding, RR Donnelly
RR Donnelly
RR Donnelly
Blanchard assisted us in creating the most powerful, interactive adult training session that anyone could imagine. They were instrumental in helping to connect our management team and our contracted services partners in order to cement everyone’s commitment to creating a memorable customer experience.
— Richard Andersen, San Diego Padres
EVP and Managing Director
San Diego Padres
SLII has proven to be a good instrument. People tend to use one leadership style and the model was a real eye-opener for them. Now we understand each other much better.
—Marga de Bruyn, SCA Personal Care
HR Consultant
SCA Personal Care (Netherlands)
Blanchard was key in designing and delivering a program that allowed us to sustain the support of top management. The people at Blanchard are stellar. They partnered with us at every phase in this process and were as passionate about our success as we were.
—John Benson, Skanska
Corporate Director of Human Resources Leadership and Management Development
This (Legendary Service) is about what people believe. This is about how they walk in the door every morning. This is about how they engage with and appreciate our customers.
—Mark King, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf
President and CEO
TaylorMade-Adidas Golf
I've heard Ken Blanchard say you can't have Raving Fans customers until you have Gung Ho! employees. We've been inspired by the people at The Ken Blanchard Companies, and we're going to further enhance our relationship with the Blanchard organization as we go about making the impossible possible.
—Jim Mudd Sr., The Mudd Group
The Mudd Group
Training has been delivered almost exclusively in the language of the country concerned, with only one group using English—a group including managers from the UK, Germany, and Estonia. It may be easier to use in some countries than others, but I do believe SLII would work anywhere in the world.
—Gunilla Winlund, V&S Group (Sweden)
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
V&S Group (Sweden)
The challenge for the HR function was to engage leaders at all levels in the process, create a common leadership language, and redefine the roles of employees and managers.
—Veronica Brejan
Senior Manager Talent, Capability, and Culture
Vodafone Romania
Leadership is about creating the environment that motivates people to reveal their magnificence every day. Situational Leadership II and the Master of Science in Executive Leadership program provide potential leaders with the framework to become practicing leaders.
—Garry O. Ridge, WD-40 Company
President and Chief Executive Officer of WD-40
WD-40 Company
The real power in Raving Fans is people have told us that when they hear Raving Fans in our industry, they immediately think of WRRI. That mindshare is priceless.
—Aram Minnetian, Weichart Relocation Resources Inc.
President of WRRI
Weichert Relocation Resources Inc.
The training is incredibly valuable and worth whatever it costs. It is the best use of a computer-based training approach that I have ever seen.
—Class Participant, Williams


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