Proven Results

The leadership training programs boost high-level strategy and leadership skills to help individuals reach the goals and surpass expectations. They provide professional development and help improving organizations performances tremendously. By identifying the leadership styles and qualities of individuals the leadership training programs improve employee motivation, drive innovation and lead organizations to successfully meet business challenges.

utilizing a common language

Building a successful culture and strategy requires everyone at all levels of the organization to be aligned. Managers and direct reports need a common framework and language for understanding development stages and leadership styles. This common language is at the center of Blanchard’s leadership operating system—a combination of values, skills, and competencies that help people and organizations lead at a higher level.

our World-class leadership model

All people and teams go through predictable stages of development. And all performance goes through a predictable sequence as people develop. Our programs are based on behavioral models that mirror this development process and are easily applied in the workplace. As a result, leaders learn how to lead in any situation, teams ramp up faster, and individuals are more empowered and effective. It is the power and the simplicity of the situational context that has made our model one of the most widely adopted leadership processes in the world.

creating lasting change

Training deployment sets the expectation that behavior will change and that people will be more effective and contribute to the overall profitability of the organization. But when organizations deliver training as a stand-alone event or fail to link it to strategic initiatives, the true impact of training and developing people can be lost. Blanchard uses a collaborative, diagnostic, and systematic process that is two to three times more effective than stand-alone training.


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