Solving Complex Issues

In today’s turbulent environment, change is a constant. But what does a leader do when all of this happens within a brief period of time? How a leader manages this collision of change can make the difference between organizational success and failure? Blanchard’s change process and expertise help individuals in communicating the vision for the change, establishing the support elements necessary for the change to be successful, building leadership capacities, assisting executives to drive organizational change, empowering managers to lead through change, and enabling employees to navigate and respond to change appropriately. Success, if not handled properly, can lead to the demise of a business. Growth is something for which most companies strive, regardless of their size. Blanchard assists organizations through predictable growth phases. We help organizations to keep up with the success of their business. With our programs we help organizations gain skills and strategies necessary to sustain a profitable competitive advantage, especially during times of constant transformation and growth.

Leading organizational change

Change initiatives require strategy, process, and communications. Re-organizations, new executive appointments, mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing are all opportunities for change management. Blanchard’s change process and expertise sustain momentum and commitment throughout the change initiative while addressing critical issues and needs at each phase.

Managing growth

Keeping up with hypergrowth can strain many parts of an organization. Systems can be designed to scale, but people can't. Blanchard assists organizations through predictable growth phases—and sometimes difficult growing pains—by working with them to align their underlying culture and human development strategies with their growth objectives.

Cultivating leadership bench strength

Leaders are in higher demand. With the war for talent growing in intensity and baby boomers retiring, organizations must work harder to develop and prepare their next generation of leaders. Mentoring high-potential talent and giving them the resources to grow into competent and confident managers will seed the pipeline for organizational growth. To help emerging leaders develop the integrity to lead in alignment with their own and organizational values, Blanchard takes an inside-out approach—to help individuals understand themselves so they can become effective leaders.

Building leadership capacity

Research shows that leadership is the key factor in influencing employee passion, customer devotion, and organizational vitality. Blanchard’s leadership solutions allow organizations to create results-oriented, people-focused leaders who improve performance, increase retention and morale, and deliver bottom-line results


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